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I am the Founder and President of Paul Garwood Speaks, Paul Garwood Coaching, and The Positive Black Network.

I am a Founder, Mentor, Certified Master Trainer, Certified Master Life Coach, Mindset Coach, and Best Selling Author.

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B.S. in Health Information Management
Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Life Coach

Experience and Distinctions

In January of 2017 he earned the designation of Qualified Speaker for D28 Toastmasters International. In August of 2017 he was inducted as a Professional Speaker into the membership of the National Speakers Association (N.S.A).

Speaking: I speak on and develop programs that focus on helping clients uncover and see problems as opportunities, and then turning those opportunities into a business. It is an understanding that everything around us is the result of someone having an idea and then executing it.

I am a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Master Trainer

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Marketing is a wonderful thing. It helps you spread the word about your products, programs and services. It helps brand you and your business, which builds name recognition and a high trust factor both essential to sales and recurring income. Marketing helps you acquire clients and make sales. But marketing is just one component of creating and running a business. You can shoot your business future severely in the foot before it ever starts walking, simply by ignoring the bigger picture, of which marketing is strictly and simply one part. Focusing endlessly or solely on marketing is like buying a car and forgetting where you intended to go with it. It's like driving around the same block of streets, repeating your actions, not sure of which street to take next. It's trying one strategy; then abandoning it when you don't see instant results, only to repeat the same result with another tactic. Or creating one product and watching it fizzle after the big launch; then spending all your time networking on Facebook, wondering why your product isn't selling (and secretly thinking it failed). It leaves you doing things like creating coaching packages and endlessly doing discovery calls; then worrying about whether or not you're targeting the right people when you don't see a high return on investment. If you feel that this describes your marketing, and you're ready to create not just more marketing, but a solid growth strategy that will get you actual results and what's more, the results you want; the results you are dreaming of then this class is for you.
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An entrepreneur's work is never done. No words have been truer! Even with the advent of the internet and all the newest technology, it seems our to-do lists never get shorter. But does your to-list consist of money-making activities or busy work? Are your daily tasks helping to grow your business or are you spinning your wheels going nowhere? As easy as it may be for me to tell you what you SHOULD be doing to grow your business, it's just as important to recognize those habits which are harming your business. Creating good habits is phenomenal so long as those bad habits are changing, too. As you listen to today's webinar, think objectively and don't be ashamed if you recognize your own behaviors. Awareness that what you're doing isn't helping your business is half the battle. Once you're aware, then you can take action to change those behaviors. Also remember that change doesn't happen overnight. Even if you change your behavior quickly, that doesn't mean the rewards of that change will suddenly show up. However, you will be more prepared to handle those rewards as they appear.
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In this class, we're going to look at increasing your potential to make more money with your blog. This won't just be a list of things you can sell off your blog. Those types of suggestions are a dime a dozen in Google search results, and they don't tell you anything except how to annoy more people when you blog. Instead, I'm going to show you ways to make your blog do more, with less work on your part, to reach the right people and change exits to conversions. That way, it doesn't matter what money-making strategy you apply to your blog you'll know whether or not it's likely to work. And you'll know how to set it up in such a way that your ideal reader will feel like you're doing her a favor and say yes.
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