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Hark! The heralds sing:

Meet live with experts,
On health, wellness, and spirituality,
And learn new ways to thrive and grow,
In the days ahead, don’t be slow!

Sign up now, and don’t delay,
To start your journey to a better way,
And leave behind the stress and strife,
For a happier, healthier, and more spiritual life!

So come and join us, one and all,
In the New Year symposium, have a ball,
And let us help you start anew,
With virtual ...See All
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By gaining confidence on social media, mapping a plan for business success, and turning your hobby into a business by making real money organically, you can transform yourself into a successful entrepreneur. With Jamie's help, spiritual entrepreneurs can step into their magic, shine their light, and lift the world up one soul at a time.
Los Angeles, USA
I have been working with people who are facing challenging times for over 25 years. I find by using a heart centered approach, incorporating astrology, oracle cards and intuitive coaching helps people connect with their soul and start creating a life focused on having more joy and connection in their lives.
Boston, MA, USA
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