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Tue Jun 30 at 01:40 pm EST
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The interview with Prof. Dr. Al Hendy gives an insight into possible non surgical Uterine Fibroid therapeutic options. Interview conducted by Katja Dietze of tigovit USA

Learn about the details of a successful study with Uterine fibroids, using EGCG from Green tea Extract.
-What were the size of the fibroids and what were the symptoms, before the study.
-What were the size of the fibroids and what were the symptoms at the end of the study?
-Does vitamin D plays a role in combating Uterine Fibroids?
-Why are women ...See All
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    Tue Jun 30 at 01:40 pm EST
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Uterine Fibroids Non surgical options, talk with Dr. Ayman Al-Hendy
40 Minute Session
Tue Jun 30 at 01:00 pm EST
About Creator
Before moving to the US, Katja had enjoyed successful career in Sales and Marketing in Europe. After enjoying practicing Yoga Katja became a certified Yoga teacher and she truly enjoys teaching and practicing Yoga. Her yoga classes are based on Hatha yoga and designed for all abilities and all ages. She makes it fun and social but, most of all, relaxing and strengthening. Katja finds it challenging and rewarding to teach a group of Yoga students who are in different stages of their lives, on divergent paths in their journeys into Yoga and with a wide variety of fitness levels. Katja says "To see the will and effort of these students to improve and accomplish their goals, each in their own way, is extremely humbling yet gratifying." Katja is the CEO of @tigovitusa an exclusive US distributor of tigovital the EGCG Company. Katja is deeply interested in the many benefits of green tea and EGCG and how it can help to achieve a better quality of life. Katjaƒ�‚¢ƒ¯‚¿‚½ƒ¯‚¿‚½s mission is to educate and help to raise awareness about Uterine Fibroids and help Women on their journey with fibroids. She conveys what to expect and what women can do for themselves to have a better quality of life.