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Wed Jul 8 at 12:00 pm EST
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Learn the verbal cue you can easily internalize and apply to any pose. This cue helps us set up the pose based on our own body specs. Once you learn it, you can take it with you into any class with any teacher regardless of style of level of experience. The "Heartroot" inherently supports all modifications, as well.
I'll use this cue through standing, seated, supine, prone, balance poses through 4 classes.
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    Wed Jul 8 at 12:00 pm EST
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Build A Solid Foundation with the Heartroot - Series
60 Minute Session
Wed Jul 8 at 11:00 am EST
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I live in the woods and off the grid in northern Maine. My yoga journey has been a very unique one. My professional life began in Retail management which led to Higher Education in Student Affairs. All along the way, spiritual topics and studies drew me in al through my life. I began yoga practice in 1994 in New Paltz, NY. I returned to Maine in 1999 and pursued a Registered Yoga Certification in 2002-03. I continued teaching classes and attending professional development opportunities. I've taught classes in gyms, school classrooms, small studios, big studios, homes and on line. My style of teaching is a bit ecletic. It is a melding of Kripalu (as originally taught by Yogi Desai) and Iyengar yoga. Included are strong influences of Anusara yoga, Angela Farmer and Desiree Rumbaugh. I teach proper alignment to practice safely and intelligently. Then, I teach slow flow that is breath centered and meditative. I feel that sustained holdings of postures is where we can really deepen our practice. In 2012 I formally began Ayurveda studies. My teachers have included: Maya Tiwari of WiseEarth School of Ayurveda, Dr. Paul Dugliss of New World Ayurveda, Dr. Jessica Vellela of AYU Academy and Dr. Anusha Sehgal of Boston Ayurveda, Inc. I recently began Sanskrit studies so that I might be able to read the classical texts myself.