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If you've created Facebook Ads or posts that resulted in great engagement, but zero sales, then this online seminar is for you. You're going to discover 10 powerful secrets to make Facebook work for you. Your suffering from 'Zero sales' will end once and for all.
Mohamed Tohami
Career Development > Leadership
Recorded: May 04, 2016 at 02:00 pm EST
Prepare your questions, challenges and your microphone. I will listen and answer as much as I can in the 90 minutes.
Do you wonder why people are not attracted to your message or your business? The reason is simple ... *** If you don't have a story, you are just another commodity. *** Crafting a powerful brand story is building something that people care about, want to buy into and share with others. Your brand story takes your business beyond the features and benefits of your products or services. It inspires people and shows them why you are in this business. As a result, you create loyal and meaningful bond with your customers. If you want to build a successful, sustainable business and an attractive brand of super fans, then you don't want to miss this online seminar.
You invest a lot of time, money and effort in building a training program that you know is extremely valuable for people. And after all, no one is interested to attend or pay for that program. This is heartbreaking! Creating a training program that is designed to sell and that people are hungry for requires a different approach. In this online seminar, you are going to discover an easy 3-step formula for creating a highly in-demand (i.e. easy-to-sell) training program. I look forward to helping you make your next training program a massive success!
Do you feel uncomfortable with the idea of starting a business or making money from your passion? Could the reasons be that: 1. You don't like selling 2. You don't know how 3. You don't have money 4. You think it is stressful or boring 5. You don't want to have employees In this online seminar, you are going to discover how easy it is to start making more money and more impact doing what you love. The 10 money making principles you are about to learn will help you boost your confidence and income so that you can start living the lifestyle of your dreams.
Are you a cattle herder or a cat herder? Find out in this fun and insightful program that shares the latest thinking and research about leadership and what types of leaders produce the best results. In this seminar, Don Shapiro, co-author of The Character-Based Leader, will inspire you to embrace your role as a leader and learn how to develop a leadership character that can build trust. Not all leadership methods are equal when it comes to producing results. While most leadership ideas can help you work better with your people, that alone will not raise your people's performance enough to actually boost results. Research shows there are certain types of leaders that produce higher sales, profits, customer satisfaction, teamwork, employee engagement and employee retention. In community organizations, they get more enthusiastic involvement and commitment from volunteers. Great leadership is about trust and building that trust is about your character...who you are. It's not about your title, position, power or authority. You can be a great leader without a title and having a title does not make you a leader. It's also not about using good human relations techniques. While that can improve how well you deal with people, it takes a lot more than techniques to build the type of trust that can produce exceptional performance. People trust your character, not your title or techniques. When you lead from a character that builds trust, your people will enthusiastically join you in pursuing your goals. Leadership character is a combination of your values and principles, how you see your role as a leader and your attitude toward those you lead. That includes integrity, respect, humility and servant leadership. This seminar will explore the type of leadership character that builds trust and how you can grow into this type of leader.
Virtually every Human Resources today vigorously shakes his/her head up and down whenever they are asked if they regularly see employees behave like children. Why is it that adults behave like children at work? The word "supervise" means to oversee i.e. "over" (super) "see" (vis). This suggests that employees must be watched carefully to assure quality, proper behavior, effort etc. Is this what we want in our organizations? Does overseeing people's work improve performance? Is this even possible in today's fast paced working environments? There are two types of childish behavior. One has a very positive impact on the organization, the other damages productivity and performance. The webinar shows participants how to encourage the positive and discourage the negative. Participants will learn: The two types of childish behaviors The causes of childish behaviors and how to remove them A breakthrough leadership model which can bring forth the adult in all employees The impact you can achieve now
Discover How To Create a Personal Brand That Helps You Get Noticed, Hired and Paid What You are Worth! Top three reasons to attend this online seminar: 1. Learn how to think and work like a Game Changer and develop the mental toughness needed to succeed. 2. Learn how to brand your brilliance and build a magnetic, money-making brand using Lethia's 4 step process. 3. Leverage the Market Domination Blueprint to help you dominate your market and show up everywhere.
Agreements Coach Leadership: Respectfully Influencing Accountability An effective leader holds many important competencies. They often must be a visionary, communicator, coach, motivator, project manager, knowledgeable and possibly many others. Just as a valuable house must have a solid foundation so must an effective leader's skills. The ability to facilitate agreements is often an overlooked competency. Coaching is a process which creates voluntary development through trusting relationships, inspiration, and insight (new options and methods). The ability to facilitate agreements is a key foundational element in the coaching competency. For nearly 20 years my audiences have asked for ways to improve accountability in their organizations. We all need an environment that promotes trust, provides the appreciation and can "hold people accountable" when necessary. Many of us have been taught to rely heavily on the "old" industrial age domineering management style (which often damages trust. In this highly interactive session, Wally Hauck explains why facilitating agreements is more important than ever in our new knowledge economy. He explains how the century old practices are slowly becoming obsolete under the new demands and what leaders can do now to improve their agreements coaching skills. In this interactive session participants will learn: - Why control strategies will no longer create a competitive advantage - The secrets of agreements coaching leadership and how to create an environment of trust, engagement, and innovation without the unintended consequences of the "old" style - How trust and agreements coaching leadership increases adaptability to change for individuals and the entire organization which improving accountability - Why agreements coaching skills must be learned by every leader and what you can do to now to start
Top three reasons to attend this online seminar: 1. You've excellent coaching skills, but have no idea how to run a business, let alone how to promote it, market it or build your client base. 2. Discover a proven 4-step system to build a successful coaching business and attract high paying clients 3. Learn the secrets of Mohamed Tohami, one of the highest paid coaches in Egypt. And why most coaches can't make a living out of their coaching business.
Informational Interviews can be an excellent way to establish business relationships. Learn how to effectively set them up, then what questions to ask, how to listen AND get a chance to practice and get feedback.
In this webinar, you're going to discover how in a single page, you can prioritize what you really want in life and figure out how to get there. Top three reasons to attend this live webinar: 1. Discover a 4-Step Formula For Developing a Successful Personal Financial Plan 2. How To Be More Comfortable With Your Financial Life And Attaining Financial Success 3. Figure Out Your Specific Personal Goals Surrounding Money and Why It Is Important To You
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