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Deepen your spiritual awareness by developing skills facilitating your transformation! Energy Healing, Ancestral Clearing, Past Lives. These are the Foundation protocols for mining the Records and enjoying the benefits of this work. Experience the aliveness that can come through you as a result of your relationship with the Records. Topics Covered in this Class: -Energy Healing: Principles and Protocols for effective engagement in the Records -Clearing Unwanted Ancestral Patterns: Find peace with your family of origin and release obstacles your magnificence -Past Lives: Make peace with who you have been in other times and places Note from Linda: Practitioner Certification and Advanced Practitioner Certification offers an elegant, effective way for you to support others spiritually, and nurture yourself at the same time! Reading the Records for others blesses both parties with Light and Grace. Through my groundbreaking Pathway Prayer Process, an Akashic Records reading offers a beautiful clarity, allowing a person to see beyond old ideas and walls of confusion and misunderstanding -- and to deeply know essential, eternal truths.
For those who are new to trance channeling, Jamie will allow spirit guides to speak directly through her to you. Spirit guides, Maitland and Grace, will join us for a topic- Self Healing: Where to Begin? Spirit will deliver the message and then we will take questions from the participants. Live participants will be able to type their questions in the chat thread and we will do our best to answer as many questions as we can. We ask that each person ask only one question. We cannot guarantee your question will be answered and we will get through as many as possible in the time allotted. All virtual Channelings are recorded. You can purchase the recording at any time and watch as many times as you like! These messages from Spirit are timeless. We look forward to you joining us!
Healing with the Archangels and their Legions of Light is a very spiritual and healing class. This is distance energy work. There will be guided meditation, prayer, sacred sound, channeling, and more. Please have water handy and come with an open heart and mind.
Jamie Butler
Start: Dec 04, 2020 at 11:00 am EST
Class #81 in a series of energy-centric classes with Jamie that you can take in any order! Receive the answers to these following questions and more: A. What is the color red's vibration and how does it affect my healing and emotions? B. Why would I wear, eat, or use red for light therapy? C. How can I heal with red flowers? D. How do I use this color in my home? Participants will be able to interact and ask questions through typing on the live chat thread. All virtual LiL classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need! *The Content in this series is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
Class #82 in a series of energy-centric classes with Jamie that you can take in any order! Receive the answers to these following questions and more: A. What is a secondary Chakra? B. Where are they located? C. What is their purpose? D. How to balance them? Participants will be able to interact and ask questions through typing on the live chat thread. All virtual LiL classes are recorded so no need to be disappointed if you missed class! You can purchase the recording at any time. After purchasing you can watch the class as many times as you need! *The Content in this series is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
with Sheila Rose Fridays 7 – 9 pm Energy Exchange $25 Healing for the Body, Mind and Soul Questions 949.767.7889 [email protected] Sheila Rose is a highly sensitive empath, psychic medium, and intuitive healer with extraordinary abilities that have transformed her clients’ lives. With her unique skills to see vibrational energy patterns, Sheila can identify the limiting belief patterns that an individual is holding onto in their energy field which hold them back from experiencing their highest joy and passion. Being able to perceive these imprinted frequency patterns, she’s able to access the root cause of these disruptive energies and assist her clients in removing them.
2020 was a handful - to say the least. For so many, it challenged us in ways we still haven't come to grasp fully yet. There is trepidation, excitement, anxiousness and relief as we approach this new year. It's important as you journey through life that you take along with you the lessons being presented. That is why we aren't leaving 2020 without seeing all of it! The challenges, obstacles, triumphs and yes, even joys! Join me for this powerful 1-hour workshop where you will view this year from a perspective you hadn't thought of. Where you will see yourself from a powerful lens and feel confident to leave this year knowing who and what you're made of and capable of. My greatest passion in life is to show people who they really are and how powerful they can be. In this free workshop, you will: - Learn how to defeat obstacles when they show up - Be given a roadmap to navigating life's challenges - Discover aspects of yourself that were strengthened - Become the writer of your own story - Find your inner power and voice You will walk away with a brand new empowering perspective on 2020 and a powerful vision for 2021! It's your time to step into the powerful, loving, joy-filled vision you have for you! YOU WILL NEED: Journal & Pen More about Shari: Known as the ‘Joy Magnet’, Shari Alyse is a #1 Best-Selling Author, International Motivational Speaker, Self-Love Coach and Joy Expert. Shari’s deep commitment to others is motivated by her own journey through childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas. Shari has spent her life learning how to love herself completely and now helps people discover their joy by reconnecting them back to themselves through the practice of self-love. In 2013, Shari co-founded The Wellness Universe, one of the first online holistic wellness directories and communities. She has been featured on numerous media outlets including ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS radio, Huffington Post, just to name a few. Shari has gone on to produce and host multiple online TV and radio shows, most recently, the series “Everyday Heroes” and “The Joy Spot.” She has inspired tens of thousands of people for over a decade through her daily videos series and has built an online community of over 150+ followers and has reached over 10 million people. Shari’s book, Love Yourself Happy, quickly became a #1 New Release and Amazon Best-Seller and she has created a signature coaching program to help you to discover, embrace and love your YOU. Shari believes that in the radical acceptance of ourselves, we can live a life that we truly do love.
Transform your relationship with wounding live experiences to experience the perfection of your Soul. Learn the spiritual practice of unconditional self-love, shift from resentment to acceptance, find freedom from limiting patterns. Activate your inner Ascension Matrix to rise above difficulties and enjoy the radiance of your soul. Our spiritual healing is accomplished through the Records. Learn to apply insights, guidance, and wisdom from the Records to your everyday life. Prerequisite: How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey by Linda Howe and Healing Through the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner Certifications required. Topics Covered in this Class: Spiritual Healing - Perspectives and Possibilities - Stages required for permanent healing - Transform ordinary wounds into sacred opportunities Unconditional Self Love as Spiritual Practice Relationships with others - Path of Peace - Move from resentment to acceptance - Gain freedom from limiting patterns Activating your Ascension Matrix: Gratitude, Grace, and Generosity - Rise above victimization to empowerment and transcend the negative impact of human difficulties Note from Linda: This wonderful class will guide you through a journey of profound insights, practical guidance, and timeless wisdom, all designed to empower you to rise above and thrive as never before! When you earn this Certification, you will be a member of a community of Akashic Lightworkers who are igniting healing and transforming the world. Limited to only 16 participants; live attendance required for certification.
Saturdays 10 – 11:30 am Including Online Holistic Faire Days $25 This is an online class. Register and pay below and you will be emailed link before class. Life in today’s world is more complex and chaotic than ever. Getting through it is a greater challenge, and we feel more unsettled than we ever have. Welcome! Yve Alexandra Ruiz, MD owner of Eve SpiritSpeaks here to share with you about a Divine opportunity online for you almost every Saturday morning at 10 am. Whether you are a beginner or desiring to deepen your psychic skills, this is the place for you! In this class you will discover and develop your inner intuitive toolkit. You will pull out each intuitive skill and hone it in a safe space with guidance from a psychiatrist graduated from UCLA Medical School who is a 4th generation intuitive and medium. You will experience meditative stress management to use daily at home and work. You will strengthen your “sixth sense” so you can apply it toward mastery of any personal and professional situation that confronts you. You will play with a different set of intuitive techniques every week. I’ll lead you by the hand and help you strengthen awareness and skill in many talents, including: meditation, divination with pendulum, meeting your Spirit guides, clairsentience, pet communication, remote viewing, claircognizance, photopsychometry, access to Akashic Records, clairvoyance, Angel card readings, clairalience, psychic oracle card readings, chakra reading and healing, and sooo much more! Our class is run in a warmhearted ambience where you feel safe expressing your questions. You are surrounded by others with likeminded souls here, who engage lightheartedly in our fun activities designed specifically for you to intuitively grow, like a clear crystal, in very multifaceted ways. Come join us and take your next important step into your Awakening! “I have been taking Dr. Eve’s class for over a year. Parts of my life have changed in such a wonderful way because of this class AND because of this teacher. Dr. Eve is so loving, gentle, patient and funny. She has a way of explaining things so that you understand and can work freely. Each class is different, which brings different elements to work with as well as to explore within yourself. Getting to know Dr. Eve has been a blessing in my life.” –Dana Clausen Dr. Eve SpiritSpeaks: Chakra reader and Energy healer, Photo Psychometrist, Doreen Virtue certified Angel Card reader, Akashic Record Origins of Your Soul reader Dr. Eve is a psychiatrist who graduated from UCLA School of Medicine. A natural born empath, she since then has sensed that her lifelong intuitive skills have been a sign of her soul’s calling to spiritually help and heal others like you. Dr. Eve is certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel card reader. She is also a certified Akashic practitioner who even provides in-depth soul path readings, including where your soul originated, if requested. Dr. Eve specializes in reading chakras for relationships. For individuals she clairvoyantly visualizes your chakras and finds where they are blocked: she can give these areas healing while reading your chakras. Dr. Eve is adept at photo psychometry. Finally, Dr. Eve calls on your Holy Trinity: your subconscious, conscious, and Higher Spirit, who can speak to her regarding areas of greatest need for you, and point you toward your highest good. Dr. Eve aims to enlighten, instill hope and empower you to connect to your source of energy and love so that you can better find your way in life. She is a highly educated, compassionate and approachable healer who looks forward to helping as many of you as she can reach, to the best of her ability. You may contact Dr. Eve at [email protected] ([email protected]) or via her FaceBook page, Eve SpiritSpeaks. She would love to serve you! Dr. Eve is an amazingly gifted teacher and healer of the highest order. Her gentle style of clear communication resonates with the frequency of profound caring with everyone who she encounters. I have known her as a client for many years and feel privileged to be one of her many students. Her guided meditations are not to be missed!! ~ S. Smetana My confidence in my psychic abilities has grown and my intuition has deepened since I have taken classes by Dr. Eve Ruiz. My understanding about spiritual matters are clearer. I am amazed about what I have learned in Dr. Eve's classes. Dr. Eve teaches in a loving and respectful way. Her classes are interesting, uplifting and fun. Dr. Eve is super talented. I feel that I am in a class taught by a Master. The only regret that I have is that the class goes by way too fast, leaving me always wanting more. ~ C. Carroll
Immunity is the ultimate luxury during this pandemic. More than ever before, people are looking for ways to boost their immunity levels. And YOU are responsible for your own healing. While eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and regular exercise all contribute to our overall wellbeing, we cannot over look the tremendous impact our vibration has on immune system. Each one of us is surrounded by a powerful energetic field that vibrates at a specific optimal frequency. EVERYTHING influences your personal field. DISCOVER YOUR INNER HEALER - Energy healing enhances your body's ability toheal itself. Reiki is a higher vibration energy that flows throughout your body andspeeds up your own unique healing process.Your body will naturally draw in all of the Reiki energy that it needs.
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Shelley Hofberg
Spirituality > Tarot
Start: Dec 07, 2020 at 09:00 pm EST
Mondays beg. Dec. 7th 6-8 pm PST 9 - 11 pm EST The tarot was Shelley Hofberg’s first divination tool that she taught herself to use at age 16. As a skilled ‘clairvoyant,’ Shelley has always been able to see pictures and images in her mind’s eye. This is what attracted her to the tarot. In this ‘Tarot Class’ with Shelley, you will explore esoteric wisdom that comes from the collective consciousness of universal symbols on the tarot cards. These universal symbols speak the language of images and pictures that can be interpreted through your higher senses of seeing, feeling and knowing. You will also gain insight about numerology and astrology. You will discover about both the astrological and numerological connections of the tarot. This will give you deeper understanding of the symbolic meaning that shows up when using these divination tools. In the group workshop, we will be reading for ourselves and others, as well as creating a tarot journal to record our insights. I will be providing and outline of this course Please get the waite rider tarot deck Questions? Shelly ( 818) 744-5241
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For those of you that are completely new to the Enneagram, the Enneagram is a psycho-spiritual map towards understanding and knowing ourselves and others. We are all driven by a need to understand, grow, learn, and achieve. The Enneagram shows us the 9 different ways that we see, feel, and think. It teaches us that we are more than our personalities and that we have a True Nature that has been covered by the personality. The Enneagram helps us to delve underneath the personality structure and uncover the 9 different illusions we have. One of the Enneagram’s first teachers reminds us that we have been asleep and our work is to wake up. He says we are 3 brained Beings and that we really have 3 centers of intelligence, our mind, gut, and heart. In the introduction to the Enneagram, I hope to take you on a tour to meet all 9 types and discover something about yourself! If you already know the Enneagram there may still be some nuggets you can take away with you. The Enneagram is a dynamic map, the deeper we are willing to look the more we learn about ourselves.
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