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The three pillars of healthy longevity as well as energy and the execute, execute, execute productivity that entrepreneurs need are healthy eating, daily movement and aggressive stress reduction. Mindfulness is a major tool for stress reduction! Are you thinking it is hard to learn? Nope. Are you thinking it takes up a lot of time? Nope. Are you thinking that you're too busy? Mindfulness clears away the wasted time and the mental dullness so that you can BE a hi-energy career worker, business owner or parent. You have to commit some time up front to learn how, then you have to commit time to practice - and the ROI is 3-15! That's right. For every minute of time you are in mindfulness, you get 3-15 minutes or mental sharpness and creativity, your cortisol stress chemicals drop out and your health improves. Mindfulness isn't religious. It IS powerfully effective!
How many times have you tried and failed to launch a permanent self-care program? The fault is not in you or in your stars. All you need is the RIGHT tools and the RIGHT incentives. You are guaranteed success! This class will introduce you to the 5 must-have components of your successful self-care program, and help you in putting your personalized plan together - something flexible enough to get you through "bad days" and powerful enough to generate serious change in your health and wellbeing. You CAN transform your life, no matter how many barriers you see on the road to self-care. You owe it your yourself - and your family and your business/career - to invest an hour in learning these 5 components, so transformative, they feel truly magical!
Guided Meditation for June: Calm Clear Mind Does your mind seem to speed frantically like a cyclone of thoughts, past, present and future? Do you ever just want your mind to shut off for 2 minutes to let you breathe? We each have so much going on day to day, from family, work, and personal things it can be hard to keep our mind clear. In this meditation you will be guided through a simple technique to remove the everyday chatter from your mind. Join Kim Bayne in this free guided meditation as she takes you on a journey to a calm and clear mind. Kim will be offering originally written meditations monthly at The Wellness Universe Lounge, free. Each live meditation will be recorded if you cannot attend the live meditation. "Whether you are a beginner or a pro, guided meditations can offer a wonderful exercise for your brain. Guided meditations can bring about change in the body. It uses the mind to create an experience that activates muscles, changes your thought process and can even change the way the cells work in your body. Our brains are very complex, but our brains don't distinguish between a real or imaginary event. If you imagine something in your mind, your brain can interpret that as an actual true event and it can form new neural pathways in the brain. Guided meditations are an invaluable tool to create a relaxed state of well-being and health, as well as spiritual and personal growth. In my guided meditations I will take you on a specific journey through nature focusing on releasing and letting go, calming the mind, forgiveness, self-acceptance and Love, health and raising your vibration. I look forward to our journey together." Kim Bayne Healing harp music provided by Amy Camie. Connect with Kim: Connect with Amy:
Are you sick of your job? Or tired of the same routine and know you are meant to be doing something greater? Do you feel called to help, uplift, and heal others and raise the consciousness of humanity? Then you may be hearing the call to start living your truth as a Lightworker. This online workshop will provide you with valuable tools to discover and align with your life purpose. You will learn about what it means to be a Lightworker, the top 8 keys to your discovery, do a short meditation for more clarity, and learn the best tips for assuring that you come into perfect alignment with your soul's calling. This workshop can still help you if you are already aware of your life purpose by bringing you more clarity and confidence in the evolution of your current practice.
Love is one of the best known emotions we have. It is also one of the best feeling emotions. It brings to mind the feeling of safety, security, happiness, acceptance, caring and compassion. But we all filter the love we perceive through filters we have developed over the years. Come and listen to the wisdom of the Akashic Masters as they share information about love. Join in and experience a guided vibrational healing designed to help you feel the presence of love and know when there are barriers between you and the pureness of love. Learn how to talk to the perceived feelings and get in touch and in tune with the heart of your soul vibration.
You want to know what you are supposed to do with your life. It is the universal angst, so it is time to resolve it. You are the best person to decide how to become your best self, from the practical to the mystical. Receive some suggestions, some practical and mystical advice, and the tips and tools to create the life you need and want to grow your soul, to prosper, and to enjoy your beautiful life.
Global Syncrhonized THERAPHI - plasma- Heaing Meditation with multiple international plasma centers- participating- in Global Presence- -then International Theraphists Conference- share experiences and advice..
Do you want to understand what your intuition is and how you can harness its power to achieve and maintain your healthy weight? This class will teach you to look inward for your answers and understand the language of your body.
Karyn's _
Health & Wellness > Healthy Lifestyle
Recorded: Oct 27, 2016 at 08:45 pm EST
Karyn will discuss her philosophy on health and share experiences from her personal journey, including weight loss and minimizing health challenges, as one of the nation's leading raw foodist.
Ahtayaa Leigh
Health & Wellness > Energy Healing
Recorded: Sep 04, 2016 at 03:00 pm EST
Join Ahtayaa Leigh, founder of the Gold Ray Healing technique and the Energy Healing Practitioner Course for this special class about energy healing and what it means to be an energy healer during these transformational times of conscious awakening. MAKE SURE YOU STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE CLASS TO EXPERIENCE THE POWERFUL ENERGY ACTIVATION!
Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed? Do you have a sense that there is something more to life but you can't quite figure out what? Have you found yourself being drawn more and more to spiritual practices? If you can relate to any of the points above, don't worry you're not alone. So many people are feeling this way and are realising that material things are not giving them the fulfilment they want. It's time to reconnect with the real You, the part of you that is peaceful, happy, still, calm and loving. Let me teach you how to do this through the practice of meditation. Join us for an hour of meditation each Wednesday and begin to rediscover You. Each week we will focus on an area of concern such as - guilt, forgiveness, anger, judgement, self-worth and so on. *Reports show that people who meditate have: Less stress and anxiety Better cognitive skills Increased immune function More compassion Better relationships Reduced depression Boosted creativity Increased pain control Better sleep Improved heart health What others are saying: "I'm enjoying the course immensely and getting soo much out of it and look forward to our class each week. Comparing notes to some friends who have done a meditation/mindfullness course also, and bearing in mind that they can differ, I'm still in no doubt that your course has to be one of the best there is out there." ~ Barbara, Ireland *Source: HeadSpace
Heart Activation Music is a form of Sound Wave / Music Therapy and am holding a free discussion to bring this new form of therapy & meditation music to people's awareness so that they can have an opportunity to ask questions and even throw suggestions as to what other avenues we can explore. In essence, Heart Activation Music is the love & essence of two twin souls merging together (incarnate & spirit guide) to bring to humanity the heal through the consciousness that is of the Earth through the crystalline kingdom. In April of 2016, the Heart Activation Music Therapy was approved as a complimentary therapy by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. You will also get the opportunity to experience the Heart Activation Music through previews. We look forward to discussing more with you.
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